Anaesthesia Products

When it comes to anesthesia and other emergency care, quality of the products and their consistency are important to be taken into consideration. Since surgery causes extreme pain to the patients and without the using anaesthesia, the patient would be unable to survive and bear such pain. This being the reason, we offer broad selection of Anaesthesia Products for preventing the pain while carrying out any surgery. With a high level of efficiency, our offered product are recommended by the many doctors to be used in the field of healthcare. The additive and synergistic therapeutic effects of Anaesthesia Equipments cause loss of consciousness in the body part, where the surgery has to be conducted, while maintaining consciousness in the other parts of the body.


1) Helps in relieving pain in the whole body or the part where surgery has to be performed.
2) Blocks the memory of the patient while the medical procedure is conducted.
3) Reduces the reflexes of the body for making surgery easier to perform.
4) Relaxes the body muscles so that pain cannot be felt.
Product Image (AN 576a)

Black Rubber Anaesthetic Face Mask

Offered Black Rubber Anaesthetic Face Masks are utilized to make crystal clear, flexible and transparent cushioned, 22 F ISO connection. These are provided with air filled cushions so as to provide safety and comfortable utilization.

Product Image (AN 615)

Oxygen Regulator

Oxygen Regulators are flexible as well as versatile products, which are offered with many flow ranges and duple body designs. Also, these are accessible with flow adjustment holds, which make hassle-free flow adjustments.

Product Image (AN 579)

Black Rubber Face Masks Adult

Offered Black Rubber Face Masks Adult are the masks, specifically utilized for genius formulas and basically stand as the sheet masks provided with good grip. The products are offered with good elasticity and are supple.

Product Image (AN 576)

Anaesthetic Face Mask

Offered Anaesthetic Face Masks are offered with complete seals to be attained between the patient's face and mask. These can thus be utilized to deliver non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Used in many medical applications, these are totally clean.

Product Image (AN 605)

Oxygen FA Valve with Flowmeter

Oxygen FA Valve with Flowmeters are offered with supreme quality construction and are widely applicable in hospitals for giving an oxygen therapy in a regulated manner. The products ares extremely efficient in keeping the needed flow rate of oxygen.

Product Image (AN 575a)

Padded Anaesthetic Face Masks

Provided Padded Anaesthetic Face Masks enable for an absolute seal to be attained between the patient's face and mask. These are useful to deliver non-invasive ventilation as well as mask ventilation in pediatric patients. Also, these reduce dead space to one-fourth of anatomical face-masks .

Product Image (AN 623)

Oxygen Therapy Equipment - Circle Absorber

Provided Oxygen Therapy Equipment - Circle Absorbers are employed as the closed or semi-closed systems. These are closed in such a way so that no gas leaks from the system. These apply anaesthetic gases to the adult patient.

Product Image (AN 609)

Oxygen FA Valve with Rotameter and Humidifier

Offered Oxygen FA Valves are provided in combination with Rotameter and Humidifiers. These are used in making reduction in gas pressure as well as adjusting gas volume. The products are made to rescue patient and treat as oxygen therapy by the hospital.

Product Image (AN 611)

Oxygen Double Gauge Regulator

We deal in optimum quality Oxygen Double Gauge Regulators, which are offered with fine adjustment and has utilization in decreasing gas pressure. Also, these adjust the gas volume for proffering an oxygen therapy.

Product Image (AN 607)

Oxygen FA Valve with Rotameter

Offered Oxygen FA Valve with Rotameters are provided with diverse requirements. These are utilized to assist the administration of anaesthesia. These are provisioned with continuous-flow as well as accurate & uninterrupted supply of medical gases.

Product Image (AN 110)

Oxygen Reservoir Attachment

Oxygen Reservoir Attachments are particularly designed for the patients who are in need of high concentration oxygen therapy in shortened time. Also these come with breathing bag that is made up of soft as well as transparent plastic connected to the mask.

Product Image (AN 621)

Oxygen Therapy Equipment - Humidifiers

Offered Humidifiers for Oxygen Therapy are commonly applicable for humidifying a single room. Employed to humidify supplemental oxygen, these provide long-lasting moisture for high patient comfort during the therapy of oxygen.

Product Image (AN 618)

Nitrous Oxide Regulator

We are offering Nitrous Oxide Regulators, which enable the adjustment of oxygen rate that is presented to the patient. Accessible in assorted styles & sizes, these can meet varied oxygen cylinders and are specifically configured for pediatric usage.

Product Image (AN 577)

Black Rubber Face Masks Child

Suitable for their utilization in respiratory care of resuscitator and anaesthesia, these Black Rubber Face Masks Child have good grip. Such masks are made with the utilization of latex as well as long-lasting rubber combination.

Product Image (AN 637)

Halothane Vaporizers

We deal in best quality Halothane Vaporizers, which are made to deliver efficient as well as precise functional support in defined procedures. Also, these vaporizer systems are integrated with vaporizing assembly as well as the kind of glass bowls.

Product Image (AN 555.01)

Connectors and Valves -Non-Rebreathing valves

Connectors and Valves -Non-Rebreathing valves have been designed to make connection at one end to a reservoir bag as well as to an endotracheal tube. Useful for artificial respiration, these control the direction of air flow during expiration & inspiration.

Product Image (AN 532)

Connectors and Valves - Plug-in Mount

Offered Connectors and Valves - Plug-in Mounts are utilized to support medical devices. These are rendered with modular design flexibility and can give mounting solutions to all hospitals. The mounts have safe & effective utilization.

Product Image (AN 535)

Connectors and Valves - Hose Mounts

Connectors and Valves - Hose Mounts are the optimum quality mounting solutions, which enable the connection between LCD monitors and keyboard. These have been made to meet gas-specific supply fittings, which can be attached to a source wall socket via the hose assembly.

Product Image (AN 525)

Connectors and Valves - Angle Mounts

Connectors and Valves - Angle Mounts are offered with the serviceable requirement of a medical instrument application that ascertains the parameters for connectors as well as tubing. These can be disposable or reusable and thus are accordingly utilized.

Product Image (AN 560)

Connectors and Valves-Endotracheal Connector Set

Offered Connectors and Valves- Endotracheal Connector Sets are highly resistance to corrosion and are safe for their medical utilization. These are high on demand for nursing homes, hospitals and research centers.

Product Image (GPCS400)

Anaesthesia Machines

Provided Anaesthesia Machines are utilized independently by nurse anaesthetists as well as physician anaesthesiologists. The machines are used under the direct management of physician anesthesiologists and assist by supporting the administration of anaesthesia.

Product Image (AN 604a)

Magill Forceps

Magill Forceps are angled forceps, employed to guide the endotracheal tube into the laryngeal recess during nasotracheal intubation. These are also utilized to place pharyngeal packs and are assertive in the separation of foreign bodies.

Product Image (AN 593)

Silicone Prosthetic Face mask

Silicone Prosthetic Face masks are offered with virtually seamless eye-holes. These have been sculpted upon a carefully configured fitted head-form and have been casted in high quality flexible silicone with an unified rigid nose bridge, making these masks amazingly comfy and self aligning.

Product Image (AN 106)

Adult Silicone Resuscitators

Adult Silicone Resuscitators offered by us have been developed by making the use of polycarbonate as well as food grade silicone rubber, which ensure their safe utilization as well as serviceability in terms of finish.

Product Image (DIS 101)

Endotracheal Tubes

Endotracheal Tubes are widely used to establish and maintain airway patency. In addition, it also preventsaspiration into the lungs. The tubes secure the airway, and allow mechanical ventilation.Safe to use, as they are made for single use, these tubes are wisely made of polyvinylchloride (PVC) material. The tubes have a left- facing bevel at the tip. The tubes are of the low pressure- high volume types. PVC material used for manufacturing the tubes does not absorb x-rays.

Product Image (AN 625)

Rebreathing Bags

Rebreathing Bags are utilized to assist in ventilation as well as to make a complete control respiration in open-chest surgery. rebreathing bags sometimes called as retreater used in state of Anaesthesia, which is also known as sensation loss. It provides a breathing gas containing oxygen and recycled exhaled gas.

Product Image (AN 520)

Clausen Harness Belts

Offered Clausen Harness Belts prevent the user from getting into a place where they can get fall or hurt. Utilized to give protection to many users working at different heights. The products are capable to distribute the force made by the fall to the pelvis, thighs and shoulders so as to reduce resultant injuries.

Product Image (AN 565)

Corrugated Breathing Tubes

Corrugated Breathing Tubes are widely employed as the flexible as well as light-weighted breathing tubes, made with antistatic materials. The products are preferred as these can enable acute coagulation without cricking and can connect breathing circuit & ventilator.

Product Image (AN 555)

Connectors and Valves - Non-rebreathing valve

Connectors and Valves - Non-rebreathing valves are used with children and neurosurgical patients who are particularly at danger of complications grounded by a build-up of carbon dioxide (CO2) via re-breathing their own expired air during general anesthesia.

Product Image (non-rebreathing-valv)

Connectors and Valves-Non-Rebreathing valves

Connectors and Valves-Non-Rebreathing valves are used expeditiously due to their low built-in dead-space, minimum resistance at average respiratory flow rates and minimal reflux. The structures are profitable for controlled ventilation.

Product Image (AN 545)

Connectors and Valves - Expiratory Valves

Connectors and Valves - Expiratory Valves have been particularly designed to be utilized with breathing systems, which are re-processable. The products enable improved clinical processes and have been tested in conformity with fixed quality guidelines.

Product Image (GPCS408)

Economic Anaesthesia Machine

Provided Economic Anaesthesia Machines are able to deliver oxygen (O2) and inhalation anesthetics to many patient. Serviceable as the fail-safe devices, these machines can be demanded in conditions where dental inhalation units are not be present.

Product Image (AN 529)

Connectors and Valves - Catheter Mounts

Connectors and Valves - Catheter Mounts are employed for making connection between the patient & breathing system. Made available in three types, these give more space between the breathing system and patient. These come with flex-tube or inter-surgical super-set adjustable tube options.

Product Image (AN 600)

Anaesthetic Face Mask

Offered Anaesthetic Face Masks have cuffs, which enable for a complete seal to be attained between the patient's face as well as patient's face. These are utilized to deliver non-invasive ventilation (NIV) and insure total safety.

Product Image (AN 107)

Artificial Silicon Resuscitators For Child

Offered Artificial Silicon Resuscitators For Child are the important pieces of rescue equipments, which are utilized to inflate the lungs of an unconscious person who is not capable for breathing. The devices are utilized to provide assisted ventilation to such patients in need of proper breathing.

Product Image (AN 555.03)

Connectors and Valves -Non-rebreathing valve

Connectors and Valves -Non-rebreathing valves are functioned efficiently due to low intrinsic dead-space, negligible resistance at normal respiratory flow rates and minimum reflux. The valves are economic for controlled ventilation.

Product Image (GPCS 402)

Portable Anaesthesia Machine

Offered Portable Anaesthesia Machines are the portable machines, which are well capable of being operated with O2 and N2O provided from either portable cylinders mounted or central cylinder system. Sufficing as the fail-safe devices, these are utilized in different hospitals by a large number of surgeons and doctors.

Product Image (RG 127)

Plain Endotracheal Tube

Plain Endotracheal Tubes are made from thermo-sensitive physical promptly conforming to body configurations at body temperature. These kink resistant and transparent materials can reduce all possibilities of occlusion in the tube bore.

Product Image (AN 595)

Silicone Anaesthetic Face Mask

Silicone Anaesthetic Face Mask are made from silicone and have been incorporated with a traditional anatomical shape with great patient visibility. These self-inflating masks are suitable for an easy and tight seal.

Product Image (AN 590)

Silicon Face Masks Clearhood

Silicon Face Masks Clearhood are provided as the lightweight masks, which have been perfectly shaped & configured. These are featured with transparent hood, which enable simple monitoring of vomit, foreign body, blood passed through mouth part.

Product Image (AN 515a)

Bains Circuit - Child

The Bains Circuit- Child basically includes a corrugated tube that is fitted with an expiratory valve. This valve further leads to a tube and then a reservoir bag. Our product meets all the applicable standards. It is lightweight, easy in handling and good in durability. It is primarily designed for use with anaesthesia machine. We offer this bains circuit to clients in a wide range of specifications to meet their diverse application needs.

Product Image (AN 515)

Bains Circuit - Adult

Offered Bains Circuit - Adult are the co-axial modifications of the elemental T-piece system, made to assist cleaning of waste anesthetic gases. Specifically used for adults, these have tubes carrying fresh gas (F) motions inside the outer reservoir tube.

Product Image (AN 101a)

Artificial Resuscitator Silicone

Provided Artificial Resuscitator Silicone has been developed by using food grade silicone rubber & polycarbonate that make this long lasting in their finish, non allergic and also immune to aging. The breathing device is simple to assemble and disassemble.

Product Image (AN 101)

Adult Artificial Resuscitators

These Adult Artificial Resuscitators are best known for their 100% latex free designs. Wisely made from autoclavable silicon, these are offered to clients in varied specifications. It is completely supplied with oxygen reservoir bag with valve, translucent face mask and oxygen tubing. This resuscitator can be disassembled for cleaning, disinfecting or autoclaving process. We offer our entire range to clients at competitive price.

Product Image (AN 104)

Silicone Manual Resuscitator

Silicone Manual Resuscitators are configured for manual ventilation and are provided with special textured surface as well as specific support strap to insure a comfy and firm grip. These render an effective ventilation over extended periods without any hand fatigue.

Product Image (AN 105)

Ambu Bags

Ambu Bags are basically known as manual resuscitator or self-inflating bag. It is a hand-held device commonly used to provide positive pressure ventilation to patients who are not breathing or not breathing adequately. These bags are wisely made of silicon material in multi color. It can be used by connecting the mask to the outlet. One can easily adjust the non- breathing valve as per the age & requirement and pump the bulb for emergency respiration.

Product Image (AN 102.1)

Anaesthesia Artificial Resuscitator

Anaesthesia Artificial Resuscitators are functional as the optimal quality medical devices utilized to give assisted ventilating system to patients who are having troubled breathing. Provided with leak-proof structure, these insure good ventilation.

Product Image (AN 517)

Jackson Rees Paediatric Circuit

The JacksonRees Paediatric Circuit is commonly used in pediatric general anesthesia. It is highly preferred for its low resistance and minimal dead space. The patient inhales fresh gas from the machine. The reservoir bag in the circuit allows anesthesiologists to observe ventilation rates during spontaneous breathing, as well as the ability to control ventilator rates by applying pressure to the bag.

Product Image (AN 102a)

Silicone Resuscitators

We are providing Silicone Resuscitators, which have been made & developed by using polycarbonate & food grade silicone rubber that insures their safe utilization. Provided with special textured surface as well as unique support strap, these enable effective ventilation over long periods.

Product Image (AN501)

Anaesthesia Airway

Anaesthesia Airways provide a high level of cooperation between anaesthetic and surgical teams. Suitable for common airway procedures as well as paedi- atric airway problems, these are noted as the integral parts of general anesthesia, enabling oxygenation and ventilation as the modes for anesthetic gas delivery.


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