An stainless steel Autoclave finds usage for sterilizing the surgical and laboratory equipment. Be it solid, hollows, instruments or liquids of any size or shape, the mentioned array can sterilize all the medical related items. Depending upon the type of application, these may vary in functionality, shape and size. The most primary one works similar to a pressure cooker by using the steam for killing the germs, spores and bacteria from the offered instruments. Our offered range of durable Autoclaves makes the process easier, precise, productive and safer. These are built with modularity to be equipped with the accessories and different options to optimize the process of sterilization.

Key Points:

1) Can be used for culture media, instruments, glassware and bio hazards.
2) Can work on temperatures, ranging from 121 to 134 degree Celsius.
3) Transfer of bacteria among patients can be avoided.
4) Helps doctors in achieving sterile equipment.
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Steel Autoclave

We are competent sellers of Autoclaves. These hi tech medical equipment are mainly used for the sterilization of injection liquids, plastic material, surgical instruments, lines, dressing materials. They are high credited for their compact structure and easy handling. They are also preferred for their dimensional precision and immaculate performance. They are offered in different specifications at competitive prices.

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SS Autoclave

SS Autoclaves are utilized to liquids, hollows, sterilize solids and instruments of different shapes and sizing. These can vary in shape, size and functionality and work kindred to a pressure cooker by making the utilization of power of steam.

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Stainless Steel Autoclave

Offered Stainless Steel Autoclaves are the sterilizers employed to sterilize equipment and provisions via opening them to high-pressure saturated steam, based on the sizing of the contents & load. Made with steel, these are accessible with a mechanical strength.

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Vertical Autoclave for Laboratory

Functioned at high pressure, Vertical Autoclave for Laboratory render a physical method for sterilization as well as disinfection. The products are offered in vertical structure so as to give a more efficient operation.

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Autoclaves-High Pressure

Made to be operated in high pressure, these Autoclaves-High Pressure have been provided with precision in operation and have operational efficiency. The products are configured for medical purposes of cleaning .

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Medical Autoclave

We are offering Medical Autoclaves, which are capable to kill germs, bacteria, and spores resistant to powerful detergents & boiling water. The products are applicative for medical purposes.

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Fully Automatic Autoclaves

Offered Fully Automatic Autoclaves are proffered with automated procedures. Assembled with quality-tested materials, these proffer precision.

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Carrying basket for autoclave

Offered Carrying Baskets are utilized for the keeping of autoclaves and insure their safety & well maintenance. Accessible with sturdy construction, these insure functional precision.

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Autoclave Wingnut Type Stainless Steel

Autoclave Wingnut Type Stainless Steel are made with steel and are resistant to rust. These are largely utilized for sterilization procedures in the hospitals, OTs, clinics and labs.

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Autoclave-Wing Nut Type

Offered sterilizes named as Autoclave-Wing Nut Type are the special sorts of autoclaves. These are supplied with highly functional structures and have been provided with utter precision.

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Syringe Rack Containers

Provided Syringe Rack Containers are utilized to securely store needles until they can be removed and acquired by medical waste treatment professionals. The containers have been designed to keep the syringes and to prevent sample contamination that can be made to them.

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Aerosol Disinfector

Offered Aerosol Disinfectors are utilized routinely for cold surface sterilization of various clinical tools. The practice of these products can release infective micro-aerosols via the process of spattering.

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Water Distiller

Water Distillers are the optimal pieces of equipment, which are employed to create high quality water via the process of distillation. These have been engineered to remove contaminants such as salts & heavy metals that boiling water leaves behind.

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Laboratory Autoclave

We are offering Laboratory Autoclaves, which render physical techniques for sterilization & disinfection. These are operated at high pressure & temperature and can kill spores & microorganisms by decontaminating certain biological wastes.

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Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave

Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclaves have been provisioned with horizontal operational structure and are employed to sterilize culture media, dressings, intravenous equipment, solutions, syringes, instruments, applicators etc.

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Vertical High Pressure Autoclave

Specifically made to work in increased pressure, provided Vertical High Pressure Autoclaves have efficient sterilization procedures. These can efficiently kill microorganism, germs and spores.

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Vertical Autoclave Wing Nut

Particularly made to function in increased pressure, these .Vertical Autoclave Wing Nut have cost-effective sterilization procedures and can kill spores, microorganism and germs.

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Autoclaves Pressure Cooker

Autoclaves Pressure Cooker is specially designed for general purpose sterilization jobs. It is widely used at dental clinics, nursing homes and hospitals.Available in different litres of capacities, this pressure cooker is designed ergonomically. Portable and compact in design, these systems occupy very low bench space; hence, perfect for places where space is a major issue. This pressure cooker is manufactured using heavy gauge aluminum or stainless steel material.


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