Baby Care Equipment

Making reduction in the risk of abrupt infant death syndrome, we are providing optimal quality Baby Care Equipments, which are used in the hospitals. As the newborns are sensitive, it becomes must to insure their safety. Offered products are the critical equipments, which all pediatric hospitals as well as birthing centers stand in need of. Insuring the health & the safety of the newborn babies, these have been made with various purposes. Provided Baby Care Instruments are largely employed to provide a stable as well as safe environment for the newborn babies who are born prematurely or with a disablement or illness.

Key Points:

1) Perfect for making the right environment for a premature baby or a newborn that is not well.
2) Enable the controlling of the temperature and environment in accordance with the baby's health requirement.
3) The equipments are effective and innocuous when utilized with usage instructions.
4) Offered with accurate labeling, clear, complete, accurate and information for the users.
Product Image (BCE 28)

Phototherapy Unit (Elite Series) - BCE 28

Phototherapy Units (Elite Series) - BCE 28 are considered as highly effective modes, utilized for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. These are utilized for the treatment of hyperbilirubinemia, defined by high bilirubin properties in the blood.

Product Image (BCE 10 )

Foetal Heart Monitor

This Foetal Heart Monitor is a very useful, elegant, stylish and resourceful medical equipment. This heart monitor is gives you clear indication and evaluation of the condition of the cardiovascular system during physical activity. Widely used for keeping a check on the heart rate of the foetus, this monitor is offered to clients in varied models and colors to meet their diverse needs.

Product Image (BCE 32 )

Infant Radiant (Economy Series)

Infant Radiant (Economy Series) are used for maintaining the body temperature of new-sprung infants. Procedure applied by these warmers is best done so that the energy spent for creating metabolic heat can be minimized.

Product Image (BCE 81 )

Multi Parameter Patient Monitor

Provided Multi Parameter Patient Monitors are used to display necessary measurement parameters such as SpO2, CO2 and NIBP. These provide high cost-performance magnitude relation to many hospital staffs.

Product Image (BCE 26)

Ultraviolet Phototherapy Equipment

Provided Ultraviolet Phototherapy Equipments are the effective treatments for psoriasis. These penetrate the skin and slow the development of affected skin cells. The treatment of these involve exposing of skin to an unreal UVB light source.

Product Image (BCE 34.03)

Infant Radiant (Elite Series)

Outfitted with an outstanding setup and excellent workforce, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting an exceptional range of Baby Care Equipment. These equipments help to support growth and stability of the newborn babies after a premature birth. Our Baby Care Equipment is designed under the guidance of professionals by using optimum quality materials, in compliance with international quality of standards and norms. Our clients can avail these equipments from us at reasonable price.

Product Image (BCE 12)

Baby Foetal Heart Monitor

Offered Baby Foetal Heart Monitors are used for the monitoring of a baby's heartbeat. Employed by many women during their pregnancies, these can also be used at home for eliminating all fears or concerns of the pregnant women.

Product Image (BCE 80)

Vital Signs Monitor

Vital Signs Monitors are the advanced, touch screen monitors featured with bright & pictorial colors with minimum nodes or buttons so as to enable an easy cleaning as well as improved work-flow. These ideal products are suitable for all health care environments.

Product Image (BCE 24.02)

Phototherapy Unit (Elite Series)

Phototherapy Units (Elite Series) are highly mobile, compact, sturdy and light weighted products, which have safe utilization and are simple to operate. These have been provided with simple installation and provide perfect healthy scenario to premature babies.

Product Image (BCE 85)

Desktop Pulse Oximeter

Desktop Pulse Oximeters are functional as the non-invasive devices, which are employed for the measurement of pulse rate as well as patient's blood-oxygen saturation level. Integrated with detectors, these are provided with tabletops.

Product Image (BCE 44)

Infant Care Incubator (Elite Series)

We are providing Infant Care Incubator (Elite Series), which are provided in transportable form and are employed when a sick or early born baby is moved, from one health facility to another. On that particular time, these work as the proper neonatal intensive-care units.

Product Image (BCE 55)

Oxygen Nozzle

Provided Oxygen Nozzles are utilized to inject oxygen at very increased velocities. These have been included with convergent inlets as well as divergent outlet ducts. Used for the oxygen blowing, these medical equipments are highly functional.

Product Image (BCE 24.01)

Infant Phototherapy Unit

Provided Infant Phototherapy Units are the mobile units utilized for babies nursed in incubators, cots or radiant warmers. These are provided with an adjustable height and can be tilted on axis. The units can be easily mounted on radiant warmers themselves.

Product Image (BCE 34.01)

Electric Infant Radiant

This Electric Infant Radiant is best known for its feather touch operation with large digital display and comprehensive alarms. In addition, it is also incorporated with the thermistor based temperature sensor for accurate temperature measurement. This unit comes with ababy bed that is tiltable at both sides for Trendelenburg and Fowler's position. Whether in the newborn nursery or NICU, our warmers are sure to keep your patients warm, comfortable, and healthy.

Product Image (BCE 34.02)

Infant Radiant Heat Warmer

Infant Radiant Heat Warmers are used for stabilizing the body temperature of newborns or premature infants. The products suffice as the optimal heat sources, which are assertive enough to keep the body temperature constant.

Product Image (BCE 20.01)

Full Body Phototherapy Unit

Offered Full Body Phototherapy Units are supplied with a complete ambit of therapeutic alternates. These convenient, economical and effective options have a linear dynamic extent that is approximate for therapy sources and treat whole body with duple treatment sessions.

Product Image (BCE 42)

Infant Care Incubator (Economy Series)

Provided Infant Care Incubator (Economy Series) are the optimal pieces of equipment that are common to neonatal intensive care units, pediatric hospitals, and birthing centers. Provided with several specific functions, these provide a safe & stable environment to newborn babies.

Product Image (BCE 82a)

Pulse Oximeter

Offered Pulse Oximeters are employed for asthma, COPD, Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) and several other conditions. These are offered with a technology that measures oxygen level in blood as well as heart rate. These can rapidly detect changes in the blood oxygen level.

Product Image (BCE 20)

Phototherapy Unit

This Phototherapy Unit delivers blue light with peak intensity. It ensures no unwanted UV and IR radiations fall on the baby. Constant light intensity ensures the treatment of jaundice is effective for the newborn. Easy to use, it helps caretakers and physicians to regulate the light needed for treatment, using an inbuilt light meter.Compact and sleek in design, this unit is also capable of treating very severe cases of hyperbilirubinemia.

Product Image (BCE 25 )

Jaundice Testing Meter

This Jaundice Meter gives you consistent quality screening. Thus, you optimize the efficiency of your jaundice management program, save time and money while delivering an exceptional standard of care. With this equipment, you can accurately identify at-risk infants as young as 35 weeks gestational age. Effective screening can decrease readmission rates and durations of stay. Easy to use, this meter ensures no blood draw, and hence, there’s less stress on fragile newborns and their parents.

Product Image (BCE 24)

Phototherapy Unit Double Surface

Provided Phototherapy Unit Double Surfaces are proffered with equal light distribution, high intensity, integral time record therapy time and adjustable angle of height & head. These make no noise and have four castors with brakes.

Product Image (BCE 50)

Infant Hospital Incubator

Provided Infant Hospital Incubators are the optimal pieces of equipment common to birthing centers, pediatric hospitals and neonatal intensive care units. These are employed to serve several specific functions and proffer a safe and stable surround for newborn infants.

Product Image ( BCE 42 )

Infant Portable Incubator

Offered best quality Infant Portable Incubators are employed when a sick or immature baby is taken from one medical building to another. The temperatures of these devices can change settled on the gestational age, the serviceable state of the baby's health complications.

Product Image (BCE 46)

Transportable Infant Incubator

Provided Transportable Infant Incubators are available in a transportable form and are taken in use when a sick or an immature baby is taken from one medical place to another. The incubators are used to care for premature babies in a neonatal intensive-care unit.

Product Image (BCE 32.01 )

Infant Radiant Warmer

Easy to use, this Infant Radiant Warmer is specifically developed to support the newborns. It provides radiant warmth for treating infants suffering from severe heat loss. Highly suitable for all environment conditions, it is widely used in labour rooms and neonatal ICUs. In addition, this warmer comes with an excellent option of an attached bed. This is a micro- processor controlled warming unit.

Product Image (BCE 20.02)

Home Phototherapy Unit

Offered Home Phototherapy Units are applicable for the treatment of psoriasis and vitiligo. These totally safe units are highly effective & returned by insurance. Offered full-body surround cabinets are small enough for their easy home use.

Product Image (00)

Baby Incubator

Completely microprocessor servo controlled circuit. Dual display for ambient temp. and skin temp. Skin sensor for effective recording of baby temp. Provided with heater output percentage bar graph. Soft touch control panel. Excellent mute function.


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