Diagnostic Instruments

Our diagnostic instruments are centered on productive workflow. Based on proven technology, they create effective work environments. We have an extensive selection to meet your specific needs. Our offered instruments have reliability and support for a perfect integration. Also, we bring best suitable machines for the healthcare industry. Our diagnostic instruments are ideal for pathology, bio research, scientific works, and hospital needs. They are developed for best accuracy as well as consistency. Our aim is to deliver speed and efficacy in scientific works etc. We achieve this through application-specific solutions.


1) Designed for improved performance & efficiency.
2) Easy integration and simple use.
3) Lasting use and low maintenance requirement.
4) User-friendly, productive, and create sophisticated environments.
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LED Medical Headlamp

Provided optimum quality LED Medical Headlamps are the devices, which have been specifically unified with lighting as well as camera system. Available with perfect ergonomic designs, these insure comfort to users on account of their wireless control.

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Stainless Steel Otoscopes

Rendered Stainless Steel Otoscopes are fabricated with stainless steel and are utilized to examine tympanic membrane and external auditory canal. The handles of these are contained with batteries and stand as the crucial parts of wall-mounted electrical unit.

Product Image ( DG 151)

Medical Otoscopes

Supplied Medical Otoscopes are the medical equipments, which are utilized to look into the ears. Utilized for the screening for illness occurred during regular check-ups, these can investigate ear symptoms by providing a view of the ear canal as well as tympanic membrane.

Product Image (DG 183)

Electronic Sphygmomanometers

Employed by healthcare providers, provided Electronic Sphygmomanometers are electrically operated to measure the blood pressure rates. These are insured with correct info of the blood pressure and have simple operation.

Product Image (DG 115)

Head Band and Mirror Set

This Head Band and Mirror Set is widely used in various dental and orthopaedic procedures. It is available for clients in a wide range of designs, sizes and specifications to meet their diverse needs. This band and mirror set is widely used by doctors during their medical procedures and examinations. Made of best quality materials in complete compliance with the industry standards, this set is stringently tested on various standard quality parameters prior to final dispatch in market.

Product Image (DG 202)

Digital Thermometers

Provided Digital Thermometers are functional as the temperature-sensing instruments, which are easily movable and are offered with permanent probes as well as handy digital displays. The operation of these instruments is based on the sensor these come with.

Product Image (DG 171)


Proctoscopes are utilized to visualize anus and lower rectum. The devices are utilized to diagnose as well as treat hemorrhoids and other wounds in the anorectal area. Also, these analyze rectum, anal cavity or sigmoid colon.

Product Image (DG 120)

Medical Head Light

This Medical Head Light is widely used by neurosurgeons, ENT specialists and dentists for examination and medical procedures. Comes with an excellent feature of intensity controller, this head light is adjustable for perfect fit on the head. The unique design of the head light enables headlight adjustment from side to side and from straight down and upward positions. It illuminates the examination area perfectly in every situation. Long life led lamp provides bright and natural light.

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Provided Otoscopes stand as the best quality medical devices utilized to look into the ears. Used by many health care providers so as to screen for illness during the day-to-day check-ups, these investigate ear symptoms.

Product Image (DG 161)

Percussion Reflex Hammer

Provided Percussion Reflex Hammers are the medical instruments used by many practitioners for the testing of deep tendon reflexes. The devices are the crucial parts of neurological physical examination that can detect abnormalities in peripheral nervous system, utilized for chest percussion.

Product Image (DG 191)

Cardiology Stethoscope

We are providing Cardiology Stethoscopes, which deliver best phenomenal acoustic performance so as to provide an accurate patient assessment as well as diagnosis. Featured with chalice-shaped chest-pieces, these can capture a wide ambit of frequencies among pediatric patients & adult.

Product Image (DG231)

Sims Vaginal Speculum

Sims' vaginal speculum is a double-bladed surgical instrument used for examining the vagina and cervix. which gynecologists use in order to dilate a woman's vagina so that the cervix and the vagina can be viewed for treatment.

Product Image (DG 152)

Medical Equipment Otoscopes

Provided Medical Equipment Otoscopes are used to analyze 'external auditory canal', the tunnel which leads from outer ear (pinna) to the eardrum. These potentially provide a view of the tympanic membrane, ear canal and eardrum.

Product Image (DG 181)

Digital Sphygmomanometers

Offered Digital Sphygmomanometers are the devices offered with an automatic inflating arm cuff as well as large digital readout that enable simple reading. These provide most accurate blood pressure readings at home, by employing electronic calculations & oscillometric measurements.

Product Image (DG 187)

Nurses Stethoscopes

Offered Nurses Stethoscopes are the convertible chest-pieces, which have been precisely machined to demanding tolerances. These render outstanding performance, extended durability and enhanced acoustic response.

Product Image (DG 220)

Colin Vaginal Speculum

Provided Colin Vaginal Speculum is noted as the gynecological device, employed for performing pap smears, pelvic tests and examining the cervix. This double blade duckbill speculum is inset with the blades closed. Provided as the best quality medical tools , these investigate the orifices of body.

Product Image (DG 235)

Auvard Weight Vaginal Speculum

Auvard Weight Vaginal Speculum is a single end vaginal speculum usually used in OB/GYN operations such as curettage, dilation or vaginal hysterectomy. It is accessible with different blades styles and three weight alternatives so as to conform to the needs of the procedure and patient.

Product Image (DG 195)

Pinard Foetal Stethoscope

We are offering Pinard Foetal Stethoscopes, which are particularly helpful when pricey tools such as ultrasound devices are not available. The products enbale the individuals to listen to the pulsation of the fetus. These work as the fiber-optic scopes for screening the fetus internally.

Product Image (DG 200)

Medical Thermometers

We are offering Medical Thermometers, which are useful for the measurement of animal & human body temperature. The tip of these thermometer is sectioned into the mouth under the tongue, armpit or into the rectum. These began as the instruments more suitably named water thermoscopes.

Product Image (DG 207)

Ear Syringes

Provided Ear Syringes are functional as the ideal as well as effective tools used for the removal of earwax. The instrument can capably prevent infections of the ear with their OPD procedure and are utilized for the removal of debris, wax, and foreign bodies from the ear.

Product Image (DG 160)

Percussion Hammer

Provided Percussion Hammers are the highly functional medical instruments utilized by practitioners so as to do the testing of deep tendon reflexes. These stand as the significant parts of the neurological physical examination that can detect abnormalities of nervous system.

Product Image (DG 102)

Medical Binocular Loupes

The Medical Binocular Loupes are highly suitable for all kinds of surgical operations. Super light in weight, these binocular loupes have triple hinge design which allows almost 180 degree adjustment to ensure perfect visual alignment. Best known for providing the best ergonomic posture, these have high resolution optics. In addition, it also offers razor sharp, edge to edge clarity. Designed with wrap around polycarbonate lenses for best protection, these binocular loupes have one step pupillary adjustment with handy protective carry case.

Product Image (DG 106)

ENT Instrument Set

We are offering a wide range of ENT Instrument Set at competitive prices. These sets contain instruments that are relevant for the assessment of the ears, nose and throat. In the set, there are nasal forceps for grasping and holding tissue or objects; nasal speculum for allowing entry into the nasal cavity; and nasal hooks. We are offering these instrument sets in varied specifications and sizes to ENT specialists to meet their exact needs.

Product Image (DG 192)

Stethoscopes Sprague Bowls

Stethoscopes Sprague Bowls are provided with an exclusive design as well as an improved valve mechanism which virtually obviates acoustic outflow. These are featured with threaded chest-piece drums of chrome plated zinc that enables interchangeability.

Product Image (DG 210)

Tuning Forks

Provided Tuning Forks serve as the highly useful illustration of how a vibrating object can make sound. Frequently utilized as the standards of pitch to tune musical devices, these acoustic sound resonators have two-pronged forks.

Product Image (DG 250 )

Oto-Ophthalmoscope set

Oto-ophthalmoscope set features a maylite ophthalmoscope, friston otoscope with 2 aural and 1 nasal specula.

Product Image (DG 215)

Cusco Vaginal Speculum

Cusco Vaginal Speculum is noted as a gynecological device that is utilized to view a woman's cervix correctly. Provided instrument can be reused in an assortment of situations. Featured with jaws, these open up similar to a duck bill and are available in three models.

Product Image (DG 180)


Provided Sphygmomanometers, also illustrious as blood pressure gauges are the devices, utilized to measure blood pressure. Also, these are used to measure BP as well as the difference in BP.

Product Image (DG 225)

Graves Vaginal Speculum

Graves Vaginal Speculum work as the best gynecological instrument utilized for conducting pelvic tests, pap smears, and analyzing the cervix. Provided double blade duckbill medical instruments are sectioned with the blades closeout. Used for widening the woman's vagina so that the uterine cervix can be easily examined.

Product Image (DG 103)

Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes

Dental Surgical Binocular Loupes are the simple as well as small magnification devices utilized to view small details more closely. Dissimilar to a magnifying glass, these have not attached handle and the focusing lenses of these are contained in an opaque container.

Product Image (DG 157)

Otoscope Sets

Provided Otoscope Sets are the devices, offered with an otoscope. These can treat the infection of the middle as well as outer parts of the ear. Used by health care providers, these are specifically made to treat the parts of ear canals.

Product Image (DG 185)

Dual Head Stethoscopes

Dual Head Stethoscopes are the most common devices used amongst health professionals. These products can be easily adjusted for increasing the comfort and maximizing the hearing. The devices enable the users to listen to various sound frequencies.

Product Image (DG 201)


Offered Thermometers are the devices, which measure the temperature or a temperature slope. The products give the measurement of temperature in degrees, according to either Fahrenheit or Celsius system. These are used in health care so as to monitor & measure the body temperature.

Product Image (DG 163)

Pediatric Percussion Hammer

Provided Pediatric Percussion Hammers are the device employed in osteopathic medication. Corresponding a small-sized hand tool with a soft, ductile tip, these tools are used by the practitioners so as to strike parts of the body and decrease restrictions in joints & muscles.

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Mercury Sphygmomanometers

The standard device for blood pressure measurement, these Mercury Sphygmomanometers offer not only the highest precision and safety, but also an almost unlimited lifetime. All devices are equipped with high precision air release valves, micro filters to protect the measuring system, special seals against mercury contamination and mercury locks. These sphygmomanometers are available in latex-free designs.

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Dual Head Gold Stethoscopes

Latex free in design, these Dual Head Gold Stethoscopes are best known for their 100% acoustically-superior stainless steel. The headset of the stethoscope is anatomically angled at 15 degrees for a precise fit.Its dual-leaf spring construction offers twice the durability.In addition, it also prevents punctured ear drums owing to its patented safety lock eartipadaptors that are non-invasive.These stethoscopes deliver crisp, clear acoustics for heart, lung, and bowel sounds


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