Orthopaedic Surgical Implants

When the traditional methods and techniques of identification like dental comparison or visual recognition fails, then Orthopedic Surgical Implants comes to the rescue. These implants may assist a patient to identify the availability of ante-mortem medical records for the comparison. These are helpful in replacing the damaged biological structure caused by disorders of bone or cartilages such as osteoporosis. Apart from being used in the healthcare industry, our offered there are several kinds of implants other than orthopedic that can be used for the cosmetic purposes like hip and breast implants. Although, engineered using high quality material, number of Orthopedic surgeons from over the world use these equipment on their daily basis without giving a second thought about their quality or production.

Key Points:

1) Quality of hip and knee surgery has went far beyond the traditional methods.
2) Represents milestone in the healthcare industry for reconstructive surgery.
3) Minimizes post operative pain, resulting in quick recovery.
4) Renders fewer re-admissions to the hospital.
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Bone Screws

The Bone Screws are the cylindrical objects offered with spiral threads running on their outer surface. These are made to change torsional forces into compression. The main functional objective in the designing of these screw is to distribute & dissipate the mechanical load. These maximize initial contact are employed for bone to bone fixation.

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Femoral Heads

We are offering Femoral Heads, which are frequently employed in cases with instability risk factors including cognitive or neurovascular disorders, substance abuse, female gender, advanced age, soft tissue shortages of the hip, former hip surgery, and others.

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Locking Plate System

We are offering Locking Plate Systems, which are flexible & strong mechanical locking plate systems, particularly designed for bone fracture & repair. Utilized for conventional plating uses, these are proffered with locking head screws so as to make an angular stability.

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Bone Plates

Provided Bone Plates are the thin metal implants employed to immobilize bone parts. The plates are affixed with screws to properly adjust the bone and assist in the healing procedure. Employed for the healing of fractured bones, the plates hold the broken bones in collaboration.

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Tibial Nailing System

Offered Tibial Nailing Systems utilize the intramedullary nailing method for the treatment of distal, proximal and mid-shaft tibial fractures. These provide a combination of simplicity, innovation and versati and have gentle processes in the treatment.

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Nailing Systems

Nailing System employ the intramedullary nailing method that is useful for the treatment of femoral shaft & lateral femur fractures. These medical systems create a single as well as unified surgical resource for the fixation of long-bone injuries.

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Modular Bipolar Head

The Modular Bipolar Heads are applicable for the treatment of femoral neck breaks. These are offered with many proposed advantages and have a bipolar design that is more functional than conventional fixed-head designs.

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Hip Prosthesis

Hip Prosthesis is basically a device, which is widely used to replace the damaged or fractured part of the Femoral head. It is anatomically designed to match the shape of the Femoral head. Our entire range represents a new generation of implants for hip endoprosthesis. It is best known for its associated advantages facilitating surgeries that are as minimally invasive as possible: modularity, minimal stem size and acircumferential coating. It is particularly suitable for young patients with good bone quality.

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Orthopedic Implants

These Orthopaedic Implants are basically devices that are surgically placed into the body. These implants are specially designed to restore function by replacing or reinforcing a damaged structure. These are widely for the treatment of back pain. We have in our range of implants, a wide range of bone plates and bone screws that are used in spinal fusion surgery and fixation of fractured bone segments, as well as implant components used for hip and joint replacement. These are manufactured using biocompatible materials to avoid rejection by the body.

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Rush Nail Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail

This Rush Nail Kuntscher Cloverleaf Nail is widely used to treat simple transverse, short oblique or comminuted diaphyseal fractures of the femur. This nail is specifically designed to provide proper support to the bone for faster healing. Supplied for use in a wide range of orthopaedic procedures, these are highly compatible with different medical instruments.

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Interlocking Nails

We offer these Interlocking Nails to clients in different lengths, thicknesses, and number of screw holes for different orthopaedic procedures. This nail is placed within the medullary cavity of a long bone secured in position by proximal and distal transfixing screws. Widely used to provide axial, bending and torsional stability, these nails are best suited for diaphyseal fractures. Our entire range has also special nails which are particularly useful in cases with extensive comminution.

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Condylar Plates

The Condylar Plates are basically the modification of the former condylar buttress plate, which is used for treatment of C3-type fractures. The major improvement in these plates, as compared to the condylar buttress plate, has been the addition of locking-head screws in the plate, producing angular stability.

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Locking Plates

Locking Plates are indicated for osteotomies, fractures and fracture dislocations, and non-unions of the proximal humerus. These plates have advantages over the conventional screw system. Conventional plate and screw systems require precise adaptation of the plate to the underlying bone.In this system, since the screws are tightened, they lock to the plate, thus stabilizing the segments without the need to compress the bone to the plate. This makes it impossible for the screw insertion to alter the reduction.

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Broad DCP

Price: 300 INR/Piece

This Broad DCP is widely indicated for fixation of various long bones, such as the humerus, femur and tibia. These are also used in fixation of peri-prosthetic fractures, osteopenic bone and fixation of non-unions and malunions in adult patients. There is an oval shaped hole in the DCP which is designed to create dynamic pressure between the fractured bone fragments.All holes of the plate allow 4.5 mm cortical screws and end holes of the plate allow 4.0 mm cancellous screws.

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Orthopaedic Screws

Orthopaedic Screws are widely used for bone to bone fixation, attachment of implants to bone or for soft tissue fixation or anchorage. In conventional plates, these screws act by increasing the friction between the plate and the bone. Basically, screw is a metal cylinder with spiral threads running on its outer surface, which converts torsional forces into compression. We offer these screws in varied sizes and types of a wide range of orthopaedic procedures.


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