Rehabilitation Products

Rehabilitation Aids are the most essential and needed kit of any rehabilitation center. Its capability of rendering maximum support to the patient without causing any discomfort. These aids help in treating painful conditions in an effective manner. The solid, yet flexible selection of rehab involves plenty of supporting kits to offer support from abdominal to wrist, ankle to shoulder, etc. Our offered array Rehabilitation Aids helps people in regaining the neurocognitive function that has been otherwise lost due to any injury or disorder. Aids are made with high quality material to ensure its durability and reliability.

Key Points:

1) Encourages sportsperson to regain the physical functionality easily and quickly.
2) Helps in restoring the functional ability of those with physical impairments.
3) Uses mechanical movement and force to treat the particular injury.
4) Minimizes the motion for preventing any further injury.
Product Image (Cervical-Traction-Kit-Sleeping-CT115f)

Cervical Traction Kit

Cervical Traction Kits have been made to alleviate pressure on muscle. These also heal nerve tissue as well as minor fractures of the cervical spine and are easily set up for home utilization.

Product Image (Finger Cot-Universal-FS201b)

Finger Cot

Finger Cots are the medical supplies employed to cover one or more than one finger in the condition where a full hand wear is unneeded. Functional as medical and rubber gloves, these have been made with an assortment of water-tight materials.

Product Image (Frog Splint-FS201a)

Frog Splint

Frog splints are suitable for the treatment of swan neck deformity as well as mallet finger. These help in maintaining phalangeal joints and are rendered with self application on account of their four legged design.

Product Image (Cast-Shoes-FA120C)

Cast Shoes

Cast Shoes are utilized to protect the foot as well as ankle after a surgery or injury. These are commonly employed for providing relaxation in shin splints, broken foot, stress fractures, severe ankle sprains, ankle bones etc. These medical walking boots assist in the beginning of the rehabilitation activity.

Product Image (Finger Extension Splint-FS201e)

Finger Extension Splint

Finger Extension Splints are specifically utilized to raise finger dexterity as well as the range of motion from several conditions such as disease, surgery, trauma, or injury that has inauspiciously affected thumb & fingers.

Product Image (Crepe-Bandage-FA120b)

Crepe Bandage

Offered Crepe Bandages are provided with a moderate compression and can reduce swelling. These proffer support in strains and sprains & are suitable for use in knee joint pain, wrist & ankle injuries.

Product Image (Thumb-Abduction-Splint-WS135m)

Thumb Abduction Splint

Thumb Abduction Splints have been made to stabilize the carpometacarpal (CMC) joint in abduction, suppressing pain whilst assisting to hold out a great functional position. These extremely breathable products have been made to drive out excess sweat.

Product Image (Finger Mallet Splint-FS201c)

Finger Mallet Splint

Finger Mallet Splints are sometimes utilized to hold the finger in place in the conditions when it is broken or sprained. These are also useful in increasing the ambit of motion of a finger which is stuck in a bended position and require invariant stretching.

Product Image (Cervical-Collar-Soft-CA110a)

Soft Cervical Collar

Offered Soft Cervical Collars are fairly flexible products, which prevent the high risk of further breakage, particularly in masses with osteoporosis. These are utilized for minor injuries and provide increased stability.

Product Image (Folding-Commode-Stool-Sqr-FC532)

Folding Commode Stool

Provided Folding Commode Stools have been featured with plastic seats, which are barred to a metal frame. Available with edgeless as well as unbreakable seat, these are extremely simple & user friendly for unfold & fold and save space.

Product Image (Sticks-Blind-WS554)

Blind Sticks

Made for providing total support & assistance to blind people, offered Blind Sticks have capable strength and durability. These come with convenient grips and render safe utilization.

Product Image (Folding-Commode-FC530)

Folding Commode

Folding Commodes are proffered with chrome plated frame and have adjustable heights. Offered with detachable bucket, these steel-made products have been designed for providing stability, comfort, and simple adjust-ability for senior citizens.

Product Image (Abdominal-Support-AS101a)

Sacro Lumbar Support Belt

We offer Sacro Lumbar Support Belts, which are utilized to provide absolute support to the lumbar. A bit similar to weight lifting belts, these are utilized in medical rehabilitation therapies as well as many other industries.

Product Image (Hernia-Support-AS101f)

Hernia Belt

Hernia Belts are used for abdominal muscles work as the supportive undergarments. These are particularly designed to keep the jutting tissue in place and heal the discomfort. The belts proffer comfort to the user without nay complex use or procedure.

Product Image (Abdominal-Support-AS101a)

Abdominal Support Belts

Offered Abdominal Support Belts are functional as the compression belts, which encircle the abdomen. These are used to speed-up the recovery activity after abdominal surgery. Made of quality elastic as well as uni-foam panels, these provide segmented support with breathable compression.

Product Image (Folding-Walker-Wo-Wheels-WS560)

Folding Walker Without Wheels

Folding Walker Without Wheels are the basic standard walkers having no wheels. These are folded in half for simple transportation & storage. Offered with lightweight structure, these are commonly utilized when a senior are supposed to keep weight off of their leg.

Product Image (Folding-Walker-Wheels-WS565)

Folding Walker With Wheels

Folding Walker With Wheels are featured with a specific push button performance for simple folding. Offered with greater clearance as well as enhanced cross-frame designing, these provide optimal stability.

Product Image (Taylor-Brace-Fine-BS105g)

Taylor Brace

Provided Taylor Braces are most suited for full elastic orthotic supports. These are recommended in the cases of inter-vertebra disc symptoms, herniated disc problems and post operative support. The products enable needed body movement.

Product Image (Orthopaedic-Backrest- Long-BS105f)

Orthopaedic Chair Backrest

We are dealing in Orthopaedic Chair Backrests, which give increased support & comfort to the users. These have been designed for home & office chairs and are highly beneficial for back disabled people as well as pain sufferers.

Product Image (Ambulance-Collar-CA110d)

Ambulance Collar

Ambulance Collars are the single piece products offered with flat design. These are supplied with easy-to-form chin cup so as to enable a quick application as well as handy storage. Also, these have sturdy foam that bestow comfy immobilization.

Product Image (Cervical-Pillow-Contoured-CA110g)

Cervical Contoured Pillow

We are offering Cervical Contoured Pillow, which help in alleviating the neck pain completely and assist in healing the pain to a certain degree. Provided with a patented design, these have been specifically made to assist the neck in all sleeping positions.

Product Image (Cervical-Pillow-Reg-CA110h)

Cervical Pillow

Provided cervical pillows help in relieving the neck painfulness completely and assist in healing the pain to a definite level. Rendered with a patented design, these are really soft.

Product Image (Philadelphia-Collar-Eco-CA110e)

Philadelphia Collar

Philadelphia Collars are the neck braces utilized to neck & prevent head and movement after a spinal cord injury. These support the neck muscles and are made of hard plastic, with Velcro binds so as to keep them closed.

Product Image (Cervical-Collar-Full-Foam-CA110f)

Foam Cervical Collar

Applicable for healthcare facilities, offered Foam Cervical Collars are great for their use during travel, sleeping and chronic pain. These come with breathable cotton stockinette liner.

Product Image (Cervical-Collar-Hard-Adjustable)

Hard Cervical Collar

Offered Hard Cervical Collars come with a primal function that is to immobilize the cervical spine. These are typically employed for an extended period of time and have safe use.

Product Image (Elbow-Crutches-WS548)

Elbow Crutches

Provided Elbow Crutches are also known as forearm crutches and suffice as the optimum quality mobility aids that assist to transfer the body's weight. Commonly made of plastic or metal, these are proffered with easy utilization as as well as the comely hand grip.

Product Image (GA2)

General Aids

General Aids are employed for a wide ambit of activities, including sports, DIY and gardening. These are functional as the real assets for holding a snooke as well as lifting weights.

Product Image (FA)

Fracture Aids

Provided Fracture Aids are the non-surgical treatments that advert to preservation of the affected limbs and are employed as the first aid to the persons being affected with fracture or a break of a bone.

Product Image (KS 126g)

Varicose Vein Stockings

Varicose Vein Stocking or compression stockings are the special kind of elastic hosiery that support healthy blood circulation. In addition, it also helps prevent a variety of health conditions such as chronic venous insufficiency, spider veins and varicose veins. The pressure that these stockings put on your ankles and legs compresses the surface arteries and veins, helping the vein valves to function properly and blood to flow back to your heart without obstructions.

Product Image (WS 546)

Walking Sticks

Walking Sticks are the tools utilized to facilitate walking for defensive reasons. The sticks come in several shapes and sizes and are utilized by people with disabilities as a crutch.

Product Image (WS 135n)

Wrist Binder

Price: 120 INR/Piece

Provided Wrist Binder are used to attain relief from the pain. Preventing the strain, these are exclusively applicable for sports persons so that they can cope with the stress grounded by motions of the wrists.

Product Image (FA 120i)

Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

This Universal Shoulder Immobilizer is considered as one of the most commonly used designs to immobilize and support the dislocated shoulder. It is also useful in the fractures of clavicle bone and the shoulder joint where immobilization of the region is required. Features two- piece design, this supporting belt providesbetter immobilization. Comfortable to wear, it is easy to remove also. Made of multi- layered PU bonded fabric, it is highly durable and non-tearing.

Product Image (WS 120)

Wrist Weight Cuff

Comes in free size, this Wrist Weight Cuff is widely used for graded physiotherapy exercise program for elbow and shoulder joint mobilization. It is also used for cosmetic arm muscle shaping exercises. It features an adjustable, wrap around design with pockets for weight insertion. Simple to use, it has hook and loop closure for easy application. PUF fused fabric casing used in the weight cuff provides good cushioning and durability.

Product Image (GPC-14)

Full Foam Cervical Collar

Cervical collar soft with support is generally used where partial or controlled immobilization of the cervical region is required.


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